chapetr one A Deadly Dream

Chapter ONE 

A Deadly Dream


When I open my eyes again I see a big open field of tall grass. The first thing I wonder, is this Heaven? No ...wait it can’t be. Heaven has clouds in it. At least that’s what it always looks like according to cartoons and the end of some ‘Three Stooges” episodes. I suddenly realized I’ve seen this very field before.

 Oh man, this is a dream, and I know this dream too. You don’t usually realize your dreaming, but I’ve had this particular dream many times before. I start to wonder if it was all a dream. Does this mean the wolves I saw were all a dream too? And I never let the dogs out? And I’m not really fired from the SPCA? So I can still go to the staff picnic they were having on Sunday. Which would be so great because there is always lots of good food there.

Suddenly all thoughts leave my mind when I see her. I’ve seen her many times before but she always sends a chill down my spine. I can feel the hair stand up on my neck. She stands so tall over me like a giant ready to squish a town flat. I can never see her face as she has long black hair that covers most of her face that goes down to her hips. But I can see her eyes; they are bright red gleaming out from her hair like the Terminator’s eyes aiming to kill me as if I was Sara Conner. She has her hands on her hips; she leans down far enough so I can see she has a cruel smile that spreads all over her face like the Joker on “Batman”. I can’t move even though I want to, but I just keep staring at her. I’m waiting for her to move first, so I can see what direction she heading to avoid her. But she doesn’t move, she just stands there burrowing her eyes into me.

 I finally can’t hold still any longer and I bolt for the woods. I know she’s right behind me, she is always right on my heels no mater how fast I run. All I’m thinking is I just got to get away from her. Trying not to think about what she will do to me if she catches me, and how she will undoubtedly tear me to shreds. Just how painful could that be? I still cry when I get my flue shot so who knows how much it could hurt to get your skin ripped off and eaten. I wake up with a jolt, and try to catch my breath. That’s when I realize I’m not in my bed at the orphanage where I usually have this dream. I am not even in bed. I am on the floor and I am not alone. 

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