chapter 7



I stayed in the house all day, learning about werewolves. Turns out werewolves were all over the world, and there weren’t just werewolves out there. Seems there were also others animals, but werewolves were the most well known. 

After we ate Red gave me a tour of the house. Everyone had their own room, except Raven, who of course shared his room with Silver Ear. Their room was very plain, just a bed, wallpaper and a wardrobe full of more books than clothes. 

LB’s room was full of posters on every inch of the wall. Some were Playboy models half clothed. There were also some Simpson’s and Family Guy’s posters too. Instead of a bed there was a pile of sleeping bags and a thin mattress under them. There was no wardrobe; just all the clothes were kept on a pile in the floor. 

Gram-Gram’s room looked similar to Raven’s and Silver Ear’s, but the books were in Braille. Clearly this family liked reading. 

Red’s room was covered with carpet sample scraps you get in a carpet sample book at Lowe’s. They’d been glued to the floor, but you could tell some were coming up. There was a bed, but it clearly hadn’t been slept in. There was a pile of blankets, torn sleeping bag, and dirt where both Red and Lefty slept. There were also some music CDS such as, Joe Scruggs, The Snowman, I’m Really Rosy along with Brittany Spears. 

“Uh Red I’m not sure everyone wants me peeking into his or her rooms,” I whispered. 

“They won’t mind,” he said, the way a child says it’s ok when someone tells them they shouldn’t do something. I could tell Red was very childlike and innocent, and he was very trusting. He was the kind of guy who picks up hitchhikers without a second thought.

The last room we went into was the living room. It was small and the couch was big and worn, but very soft and comfortable. For some reason Gram- Gram was sitting on the floor. She didn’t acknowledge us when we came in, so I wasn’t sure she knew since she was blind. There was a TV that was the only piece of fancy electronics in the house besides the stove and toaster. There was still an old VCR with a pile of movies- Shallow, The Wizard of Oz, The Twilight Zone (season one), and An American Werewolf in Paris. This was clearly the family room; there were a pile of games too, Twister, Uno, Scrabble, and more. I was looking at them when Gram- Gram got up from the floor and walked up real slow towards me. 

“Don’t be shy I won’t bite,” she said coxing me to come closer to her.  I wasn’t so sure about that. We were all part wolf. It would only be natural if she did bite. She reached up and felt my nose; I almost thought for a spilt second she was going to pick it. 

“Now don’t sneeze”. 

Of course once she said that I really did want to sneeze.

“You’re a handsome young man, I bet you get lots of chicks”, she said. I had never heard a girl refer to other girls as chicks; most women hated being called that. One girl at the orphanage had turned around and slapped a guy for calling her that, or it might have been because he pinched her butt. She continued to feel my face. I almost felt like she was reading a message like there was Braille on my face. 

“You have a strong will despite much hardships.” she proclaimed.

“Here kid, you can stay here with Red, she said. She pointed to a room in the corner; it was dark and there was only one bed. It looked like it hadn’t been slept in. I found out that it was because Red slept on the floor, along with Lefty.

“Lefty just messes up the covers whenever he gets in bed, so I sleep down here to keep him company”, Red explained. “Did you know that ostriches don’t really stick their head in the sand? They just look that way because they’re looking for water. And their eyes are bigger than their brain, said Red.

“Un no,” I replied as I suddenly realized why this room was free.

While I was there I learned that lemon juice has artificial flavored lemon but lemon washing liquid has real lemons. Go figure? The inventor of the light bulb was afraid of the dark, the Mona Lisa painting has no eyebrows, and pigeons will explode if they ever eat baking powder. I learned a whole bunch of other stuff that was interesting, but not so much when you’re trying to fall asleep. As I drifted off to sleep the last thing I heard Red talking about was how the Egyptians worshiped onions.

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