Chapter Six Flashback Past to Foster Homes

Chapter Six

Flashback Past to Foster Homes

The orphanage was not all that bad. It certainly wasn’t anything like the one in “Oliver Twist” or “Orphan Annie.” The nuns weren’t bad, but they sure weren’t as nice as the ones in “The Sound of Music.” The nuns weren’t really mean; they were just strict, especially Nun Moe. Nun Moe was what you’d call a religious fanatic. According to her if it was written in the bible, then that’s how it happened. It didn’t matter even if it was a really old rule no one followed anymore. She enforced it. She was more then just a little crazy. Everyone knew it but they never said anything. I could never understand why she didn’t like me. Maybe she had more of an idea of what I was than I did. By that I don’t mean she knew I was a werewolf, if so she would have had me burned at the stake, or crucified, or whatever it is nuns do. Yet she did know I was different. This probably explains why she would stick me in the worst foster homes. They weren’t abusive, but they weren’t ideal homes either like the Walton’s or the Brady Bunch. I’d try and make the best of it, but I would always seem to mess it up and be sent back to the orphanage. Now I know what you’re going to say, “You can’t blame yourself in this kind of situation; it’s the foster parents who decide if they want to adopt you”.

Yet I couldn’t help feeling it was my fault. Was I so terrible to be around that no one wanted me, at least not forever? 

The first place I was sent just wanted money. You see it cost money to adopt a child, but if you just want to foster a child for a year the government pays you. A lot of people take advantage of this and just foster a kid, then keep all the money for themselves. This family wanted the free cash and someone to do chores, because their birth son, Lex, (think Superman’s enemy, Lex Luther) was too lazy to do any of them. For that matter he was too lazy to do anything except to torture me. Lex would come up with mind numbing chores for me to do, and if I did do them he’d tell his parents I was lazy.

 One time he told me to take his ant farm out and let the ants stretch their legs, then put them all back in. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get them all back in, which was what he wanted. So I lied and told him I did it while he was watching “Beeves and Butt Head “on TV. Then after I brought them back, he said Fred was missing. Fred was his favorite ant, and I had to go out and get him. I knew he was just saying that to bug me. So I slept downstairs on the couch, and the next morning brought him another ant. I thought he was going to say it wasn’t Fred, but instead he said he already found Fred. Then he gave me a really nasty smile because he thought I had spent all night looking for him, that he had outsmarted me, when it was vice versa. Even though I had been the one to outsmart him I was still mad about that. 

Even though I was doing all the cleaning he was jealous because he thought his parents liked me best. So he made stuff up to get me in trouble, such as that I colored on the walls. What 14-year-old colors on the walls? Then he complained that I was farting all night and keeping him up, which was definitely the other way around. Then he said that I was cheating off his homework, which would have been really stupid, because this kid thought the sun revolved around the earth. Yet his parents believed him, so I would get a lecture on respecting people’s property, while Lex wouldn’t be too far behind me, giggling like a schoolgirl.

  He lied to his friends too; he told them that his parents got me from a detention center and that I killed my parents and had eaten them. He also said I liked to eat lady’s underwear, and his friends believed that too. I wasn’t that upset when I left that home, because I was getting away from him. I still wish I had done something to get him back. 

 I didn’t mind being back at the orphanage, because it was close to the SPCA. I loved going there and playing with all the dogs. Sometimes I would play with the cats too, but they didn’t like me as much as the dogs. I visited there so much they offered to let me do volunteer work. It was simple stuff, just feed and give the dogs lots of attention. All the dogs were always excited to see me, like we were old friends and I was one of them.

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